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We are pleased introduce our company TRITOP CARGO one major Exporter, International air and sea freight agent as the one of reputable Freight logistics, sourcing agency , shipping company agency in Indonesia.

Our company license registered as CV.TRITOP CARGOTAMA INTERNATIONAL base in Bali , Indonesia .

In this connection, we are glad to offer our services to you and we would like to get the opportunity to serve your business in this country, especially in Bali region. The company aims to realize our customer’s business goal by building up a mutual business partnership and provide a complete services with competitive rate for all related export-import arrangement .

We offer flexible, unique and competitive range of services related to international shipping agent service level , Export license , Customs clearance ,freight forwarding, local handling and Sourcing agency, due excellent network of information and relationship with local government, Quarantine station, product resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can shipping do packaging and how will the goods packed ?

Yes we do all packaging base on the type of product , any fragile item will be packed properly for safety during the trip. Normal packaging using cardboard box / single face with any necessary inner packing and wooden crate for fragile item .

What is the certification of origin ?

This is a product origin declaration that issued by the origin trade minister for customs document in destination country in order to apply Tax and Duty for the current product imported.

Does the shipment covered by insurance.?

We provide a marine cargo insurance for safety of your cargo shipment withadditional charges.

Does shipping company pick up my goods at suppliers..?

Yes, we will arrange all the necessary collection and any balance payment to each of your supplier completely.

What is the fumigation treatment ?

Fumigation is a treatment to control the insect or pest in any natural product before shipping to make sure that the product are free of insect and meet international regulation for import. Will completed by a fumigation certificate

What is a bill of lading?

The bill of lading (BOL) acts as an invoicing receipt in the shipping industry, and with many motor carriers, the BOL is the contract of carriage between that motor carrier and the shipper. It includes important information related to the shipment such as addresses, packaging type, freight class, description of the goods and any special instructions

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